About Us

We are Total Splicing Solutions.


Founded in 1999, Total Splicing Solutions (TSS) is a key provider of professional fibre optic services and resources to major telecommunication and network implementation companies offering turnkey support in the deployment of high performance voice, data and Internet protocol (IP) networks throughout Ireland and Europe.

We are not a company built on convoluted service or belief; our vision is powered by a practical, on the ground “will do” philosophy. We deliver every day on the “practical”, fuelled, not just by “know-how”, but also by “show-how”.

Our team

We are fully ISO certified

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Our symbolic nature and our ability to partner and adapt are key components that have helped us establish a significant reputation within our industry. Ultimately our flexibility and response times are defining hallmarks, helping to drive down “time to market” equations and improve telecommunication and network infrastructure formulas.

Customers choosing TSS gain access to one of the most sophisticated teams of network technology professionals. Equally skilled in technical knowledge and real-world implementation experience, our deployment teams work closely with our clients to balance the multiple inputs that define quality, system by system.

Cost-effective network implementation

Delivering results on time and within budget is paramount to any project undertaken by TSS. We offer customisable service solutions and accompanying pricing plans. Every network has its unique attributes and requirements, and we work diligently to understand an operator’s specific needs and objectives.

From initial concept to project completion our programme management teams report milestones on a regular basis so that all parties are aware of the project’s status at all times. “There is a Total Solution for you”!


To meet growing customer business demand for expertise we are able to provide total turnkey solutions:.

  • Project Management
  • Survey & Planning
  • Strategic Fibre Routing
  • Build / Installation / Connectivity
  • Business Installations
  • Fibre Optic Preparation & Splicing
  • OTDR, ILM, CD & PMD Testing
  • Maintenance Engineers: preventive & reactive
  • Emergency Cover 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year